About Us

DesignUp is an Architecture & Interior Design Firm Engaged With Residential, Commercial & Retail Sectors. DesignUp is the brainchild of the husband & wife duo–Umang & Paranshi. 
Creating a space that blends with you & the kind of emotions you want your space to have aren’t just in colour palettes & walls, it’s also curating a possibility that gives a shout-out to the wacko in you & that is what drives us.

Our Team

Umang Gandhi, Co-founder

Hybrid and restless, known for endorsing the principle of never settle before it became a tagline. Umang has done his Masters in Business Process Re-engineering & has a knack of constantly solving problems. Having been in the world of start-ups for over 7 overs, his process driven approach is what makes him the trump card on the deck.

Sports & Derivatives Market is something he swears by.

Paranshi Gandhi, Co-founder

Architecture Degree from LS Raheja School of Architecture, Paranshi has worked with many renowned architectural & legacy bred interior firms. She believes that "Design is the silent ambassador of a brand".

Arming herself with a good playlist & that strong cup of coffee, she is the one you need on your team.